As one of the biggest companies in Poland dealing with the turnover of cereals, every day we try to match up to expectations of our customers to provide the best terms of purchase and selling of cereals.We build our activity on the cooperation with mills and plants on the domestic market. In our activity we provide for our company SUPROS to be perceived as a reliable trading partner not only in our country but also abroad. The crucial zone of our activity is the import and the export of the agricultural primary commodities possible due to good relations with foreign companies mainly from the business area of EU.

We tend to the turnover of the following products:
  1. barley
  2. triticale
  3. oats
  4. rapeseed
  5. corn
  6. sunflower
  7. lupins
  8. peas
  9. buckwheat
  10. millet
  11. field peas
  12. horse bean
  13. rapeseed meal
  14. soybean meal
  15. rye
  16. milling & feed wheat


Our aim is to have a perpetual development and brightening of the quality of our makings and the supply of services. That is why we implemented the food safety system HACCP and the quality management system GMP+B3(2007). We also possess the RedCert System which is a noted proof that the SUPROS Company meets the requirements
the Directive 2009/28/CE.


SUPROS is a family owned company founded in April 1991. At the beginning the company was focusing mainly on transportation of agricultural goods in the country and abroad. Entering animal feed market was the next step in our operations. In 2005 the company bought a grain warehouse in Orneta. This crucial step allowed us to start trading grains, which soon became the core of our business. In 2011 another company branch was opened in Warsaw. As a result SUPROS expanded it's operations in west and south Poland. Currently we are one of the biggest company in Poland that specializes in grain business



In Orneta we have a grain warehouse with 10 thousand tons of capacity. It’s infrastructure enables: product standarisation, storage and efficient turnover of agricultural goods. We also possess a professional laboratory.



Mail address
Supros Sp. z o.o.
ul. Polna 12
16-423 Bakałarzewo
ul. Polna 12
16-423 Bakałarzewo
tel: (+48) 87 5694310
fax: (+48) 87 5694396
Pl. Wilsona 4 m.48
01-615 Warszawa
tel: (+48) 22 2668338
fax: (+48) 22 1145910

tel: (+48) 885 353 333